Style Tiles

Team World Vision came to DonorDrive with a strong brand system for their overarching brand, World Vision, however they were looking to us to bring Team World Vision a unique fundraising site with its own aesthetic, while still encompassing the World Vision brand colors and focus. We explored a few different styles ranging from patterns, to more illustrative, to more photographic options in order to help narrow down the design direction Team World Vision was looking for.


Team World Vision came to us prepared with great content, and looked to DonorDrive for help implementing strategy and appropriate UX decisions around placement and user flow for their main pages of their site. Below are some of the initial wireframes presented, focusing primarily on the opportunity to find an event near you, with the secondary focus of explaining how their events work and what they beneift.

Final Design Concept

Their design utilizes the main World Vision brand colors while integrating things like patterns and photo overlays to create a unique feel for the Team World Vision brand. The focus of the final design still remains primarily on finding an event near you, and explaining the subcategories of their different types of events. The secondary focus also reamins heavily on who Team World Vision is and what they do.