Lauren Glazer is a Principal UX Designer currently based in Seattle, Washington.

Lauren Glazer is a Senior UX Designer currently based in Washington, D.C.

Lauren Glazer is a Senior UX Designer currently based in Washington, D.C.

About Me

I'm Lauren Glazer, graduate of Miami University (Love & Honor!), where I studied Graphic Design and Interactive Media Studies. I currently work at Walmart, as a Principal Product Designer focused on search e-commerce experiences, and leading all Generative AI search experiences, and overseeing a small pod of 3 designers across multiple search initiatives. Prior to Walmart, I spent 3.5 years at Amazon, on a few different teams, most recently with Alexa Shopping, where I designed Alexa experiences within the Amazon App. Prior to Alexa Shopping, I worked on Alexa Routines, where I designed an end-to-end experience for a new Alexa device capability. I started my time at Amazon with the Amazon Fashion team, acting as Global Lead UX Designer for Prime Try Before You Buy, and engagement initiatives for Personal Shopper.

Before joining Amazon, I was a Senior UX Designer at National Geographic in Washington, D.C., where I created cohesive digital product experiences across our editorial platforms, utilizing design to create a unique storytelling experience. I also occasionally flexed my coding skills, by developing and testing a variety of prototypes utilizing A/B testing methods across the site.

I'm passionate about mentoring other designers and helping them grow in their design careers as well. I've served as a board member of the Student Engagement Committee for the AIGA Cincinnati Chapter, bringing my passion for mentoring, college and the design life that comes after, to students all over Ohio. I'm currently continuing my passion for mentorship with Built By Girls.

In my spare time, you'll find me exploring the outdoors with my husband and our dog Hazel, spending time in the pottery studio, experimenting with my love of cooking, both full of gluten and gluten-free, making homemade pasta with my family, and dabbling in some passion projects like wedding invitations and creating illustrations and animations for a new video series.

Awards & Honors

2019 SND Bronze Best Website Design
2019 SND Bronze Story Page Design  Women In War
2018 W3 Gold Award Best Practices
2018 W3 Gold Award Branding
2018 W3 Gold Award Homepage
2018 W3 Gold Award Structure & Navigation
2016 GD USA
Hudson River Park Games website
2016 GD USA Team World Vision website
2014 Dribbble Weekly Replay Special Olympics Gaming website snapshot
2012 Best in Class Miami University
2011 Obama Art Works Competition Finalist Obama for America Poster Design

Lauren Glazer

Lauren Glazer

Principal UX Designer

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